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Adventure of the mountains

Climbing in the Zillertal

The Zillertal Alps Nature Park offers ideal conditions for everyone: whether you are a beginner or an advanced skier, you can climb or boulder and travel with your family or friends. Here everyone finds the right thing for his taste.

In the "Ewigen Jagdgründen" you will find, for example, routes with difficulty levels 4 - 10, which are excellently secured and are among the most beautiful in Europe. The best bouldering areas can be found around Ginzling.

Overview of the Klettersteige

In the region there are several climbing routes of different difficulty levels.

Rooftop mountain climbing

The via ferrata is more difficult. You should have experience and a good climbing set.

  • Target group: advanced to professional
  • Difficulty: C / D +
  • Duration:   ca. 1 1/2 hours
  • Height difference:   240 m

Huterlong climbing route

Experience for the whole family and ideal to get familiar with a fixed rope route.

  • Target group: beginner and advanced
  • Difficulty: B / C
  • Dizziness and kicking safety
  • Duration:   ca. 1 hour
  • Height difference:   210 m

#SCHLEGEIS131 Klettersteig

This climbing route is different from all the other climbing routes along the Schlegeis-Staumauer.

  • Target group: advanced
  • Difficulty: A / B (with a C variant)
  • Duration:   ca. 1 hour
  • Height difference:   131 m

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