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"Petri Hei"l in the Zillertal!

Fishing around Finkenberg in Tirol

The Zillertal: Here flora and fauna still live in harmony. Thus man can enjoy the silence of the unspoiled environment. At the same time, the hunt for fish can take place under very natural conditions. [Nbsp] The Ziller is a flowing body of water that invites holidaymakers to fish. In addition, the Zillertal offers beautiful lakes with a beautiful and romantic scenery. A place to stay is here at any time to be found.

Here in Tyrol you also have the opportunity to internalize the surroundings and let your soul dangle once. The fishing experience can be combined with a visit to the Zillertal Nature Park. Walks, hiking or cycling are popular activities in the natural park.

Public fishing waters

The best waters of the Zillertal for fishing

Mayrhofen is located directly at the entrance to the natural park "Zillertal Alps". This makes it also the junction point of the four spring valleys. For this reason fishing in this region is unique and a pure experience. In order to keep the nature as untouched as it is, anglers may fish only in certain regions and at certain times. You do not need fishing license, but your own equipment.

  • Zillerbach
  • unterer Zemmbach
  • hinterer Stillupbach
  • Zillergrund
  • Stillup-Stausee
  • Grieralmsee an der Grieralm
  • Fischteich am Astegger Talhof
  • Stausee Zillergründl

Specific measures and conditions

Every waterway here in the beautiful Zillertal, the water protection measures must be observed:

Fishing routes and their equipment

A real fishing paradise is also available for our guests at the Olympia Relax Hotel in Zillertal. The fishing area extends from the Ziller in Mayrhofen to Zell im Zillertal. In total, it is about eight kilometers long. [Nbsp] In addition, the Gerlos, Sidan and Horbergbach mountain streams cross the landscape. However, these are a real challenge for the fishermen. It is important to use the right bait for fishing.

The water from Mayrhofen to Hippach along the Ziller stretches to four kilometers. Here an artificial fly should be fished. On the route from Hippach to Zell as well as on all streams, other baits are recommended.

The Ziller from Mayrhofen to Hippach

Fishing without barking should take place from Mayrhofen to Hippach. Dry, wet fly or nymph through a fly rod should be used. There is no provision for fish removal. Anglers are encouraged to restore the captured fish gently. However, they are rewarded with the sight of the prey because here trouts and grayling can be caught with an average size of 30-45 centimeters. There is always a need for trout in this area. An artificial grayling is also available.

The Ziller from Hippach

At the lower part of the Ziller, the water protection measures look very different. Natural baits are prescribed here, and drilling hooks as well as barbed hooks should be avoided. They are not tolerated by the fishery inspectorate. The catches can also be delivered live at the hotel kitchen, since they may be taken for the purpose of the own consumption. It should also be noted that brood and rainbow trout as well as char at least 30 centimeters, grayling must be at least 45 centimeters long.

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